April 27th DIRA | Marxism in a Lost Century: A Biography of Paul Mattick by Gary Roth

Presentation of Paul Mattick’s biography by Gary Roth
Wednesday April 27th at 7pm
at anarchist library DIRA
2035 St-Laurent Boulevard
Near St-Laurent metro station FREE

Paul Mattick - AfficheMarxism in a Lost Century: A Biography of Paul Mattick
by Gary Roth

Brief Description (from the book jacket):
Marxism in a Lost Century retells the history of the radical left during the twentieth century through the words and deeds of Paul Mattick. An adolescent during the German revolutions that followed World War I, he was also a recent émigré to the United States during the 1930s Great Depression, when the unemployed groups in which he participated were among the most dynamic manifestations of social unrest. Three biographical themes receive special attention—the self-taught nature of left-wing activity, Mattick’s experiences with publishing, and the nexus of men, politics, and friendship. Mattick found a wide audience during the 1960s because of his emphasis on the economy’s dysfunctional aspects and his advocacy of workplace councils—a popularity mirrored in the cyclical nature of the global economy.

Author bio:
Gary Roth is a Lecturer at Rutgers University-Newark, where he teaches classes on inequality and social protest, and co-author (with Anne Lopes) of Men’s Feminism: August Bebel and the German Socialist Movement (Humanity Books, 2000). His new project, Classes in Motion, focuses on the fate of recent college and university graduates and the reshaping of social classes in the United States. He is also editing a collection of essays and letters by Paul Mattick, to appear in the Historical Materialism series that published the Mattick biography.


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